Why renovate a kitchen??

The kitchen is the highest traffic area in the home. Due to the high use and changing trends, these rooms become dated and worn the fastest. People are using their kitchens in different ways. What was once practical and trendy such as level laminate cabinets and Formica counter tops with a perimeter work surface, closed off from the rest of the house has morphed into open concept breakfast bars, islands, home office/homework space, etc. The kitchen is the hub of the house.

New lighting systems and integrated smart technology are making the kitchen more efficient and user friendly. Smart ovens and fridges, under cabinet lighting, focused task lights, programmable LEDs, and more.

Cabinets come in different materials and configurations made from steel, wood or recycled materials.

Countertops made of granite, soapstone, marble, copper, cement, engineered quartz, tile, zinc, recycled paper, solid surface, recycled glass, plastic laminate, wood or a combination of materials.

It is hard to change just one aspect since new countertops will make cabinets look old and new cabinets make the walls look old.

Make a clean sweep and update as much as possible. Everything from cabinets to paint colours and flooring will allow not only a fresh look but the ability to change the configuration of your kitchen for maximum use and years of enjoyment.


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