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Building Home Gyms for Greater Toronto Area Homes

Maintaining good fitness and optimal health may be an important part of your daily routine, but you don’t have to travel to a fitness center every day to achieve them. The Epic Builders is a luxury home builder serving residents in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, and we’ve built home gyms for fitness enthusiasts for years. Our extensive skillset and ample experience in the construction industry make us a reliable partner for various home projects. Home gyms are a practical use of your residential space that offers the convenience of exercising at home instead of paying for a gym membership. As with any renovation project, you need a qualified contractor to handle the work to ensure the best quality results. Putting in flooring, lighting, and drywall requires the expertise of trained professionals. Our licensed and insured team performs all aspects of the renovation efficiently to save you time and avoid mistakes that could cost you more to fix. Let our seasoned employees and sub-contractors take care of your home gym.

Things to Consider for Your Home Gym

  • Flooring – While a plush carpet or cool tile sounds pleasant to the touch, they can make your feet sore after long periods of standing. One of the best options for a home gym floor is interlocking rubberized flooring. This option is comfortable for your feet, and it offers sound absorption properties.
  • Walls – For homebound fitness enthusiasts, watching yourself while you exercise to observe your form and motion may be a valuable design need. By installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors on at least one wall, you can verify that you’re using the correct form and watch your muscles ripple while you do curls and lifts.
  • Lighting – Lighting in a home gym plays an important role in the exercise environment. If you’re creating a yoga studio, you might value lights that you can dim for a more relaxed ambiance. For those checking off miles on the treadmill or completing sets on a weight press, you might prefer a brighter environment so that you can see what you’re doing.

Get Fashionably Fit with a Practical Design

The Epic Builders will listen to your needs and desires for the design of your home gym to ensure you get the look and features that are important to you. Give us a call today to discuss your home fitness needs, as well as any other construction and renovation ideas you have for your home. We serve clients throughout Greater Toronto, including Richmond Hill, Milton, Oakville, and other surrounding communities.

The Epic Builders: Committed to Your Project and Our Reputation

Epic Service

Along with fostering a strong relationship with clients, The Epic Builders employs new, exclusive construction methodologies and the latest working technologies.

Epic Quality
  • Our solutions are always practical and usable.
  • We are a one-stop resource, which reduces time to completion and maximizes efficiency.
  • We always listen and respond to our clients’ needs and requests, without ignoring the smallest detail.
Epic Taste
  • We keep our promises and never compromise our clients’ confidence.
  • We manage the full lifecycle of every assignment, from the foundation and structural security to painting and laying down flooring.
  • Contact The Epic Builders now to take advantage of our building innovations and our commitment to our relationship.

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