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Helping Homeowners Cool Off with Custom-Designed Pools

During the hot summer months, nothing beats the heat like a swimming pool, and The Epic Builders wants to give you that relief at your own home. Our construction and renovation company has a long history of satisfying clients through a wide variety of residential and commercial projects. Our licensed and insured team of seasoned construction experts handles the design and construction of rooms and features inside and outside your house, including pools. The Greater Toronto Area in Ontario gets its fair share of warm, sunny days, so take advantage of them by employing our team’s collective expertise. When we plan your custom pool project, we will listen to all your needs and requests, such as colors, materials, pool shape, and accessories. While constructing your new pool, we work efficiently to ensure you get a high-quality finished pool and deck in a timely fashion.

bean shaped pool with attached hot tub

A Backyard Summer Getaway Built to Your Specifications

Our team at The Epic Builders makes sure we design and construct every project so that it meets building codes and measures up to our high standards of quality. We also want to ensure the quality, appearance, and function suit your style. We will discuss all aspects of your pool project and your desires for the materials and design, including the following:

  • Pool – Choose the shape, size, and depth of your pool, as well as features like railings and ladders. We can build steps for you to walk in and out of the pool, or you can include a hot tub in the design.
  • Deck – We can lay a slab of concrete for a walking surface around the pool, or you can select wood plank flooring with the stain of your choice.
  • Extra Features – Do you need reliable shade to protect you from the blinding sunlight? Add a pergola or another structure next to your pool for a cool hiding spot from the sun’s rays.

Call Us for Projects in the Greater Toronto Area

The Epic Builders team is ready to help you enjoy the summer with a custom-built pool and deck at your home. We’re available for projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area, including Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, King City, Caledon, Milton, Burlington, and Oakville. Give us a call today to discuss putting a pool on your residential property.

The Epic Builders: Committed to Your Project and Our Reputation

Epic Service

Along with fostering a strong relationship with clients, The Epic Builders employs new, exclusive construction methodologies and the latest working technologies.

Epic Quality
  • Our solutions are always practical and usable.
  • We are a one-stop resource, which reduces time to completion and maximizes efficiency.
  • We always listen and respond to our clients’ needs and requests, without ignoring the smallest detail.
Epic Taste
  • We keep our promises and never compromise our clients’ confidence.
  • We manage the full lifecycle of every assignment, from the foundation and structural security to painting and laying down flooring.
  • Contact The Epic Builders now to take advantage of our building innovations and our commitment to our relationship.

Epic Renovations and Custom Built Homes for the Discerning Homeowner